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    The story of how Project Allergy came to be and its founders, Janet and Nancy.
  • Project Advertising Rates 2015-16
    Project Allergy is the only website that combines in depth news articles from patients as well as doctors, restaurant allergy menus, hotel and airline allergy policies, book and product reviews, an allergy and asthma medical glossary, safe-food reviews, and published medical research. Project Allergy also has the largest online support group listings from the US, Canada, and around the world. With over 40,000 unique visitors a month, Project Allergy is an excellent media source for those companies who want to target consumers with allergies and asthma. Project Allergy also supports allergy and asthma research with charitable donations.
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    Project Allergy press releases for publication.
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    In an effort to offer the most up to date information on Allergies and Asthma, please let us know how we may improve our site. Press inquiries are welcome as are sales and marketing inqueries.