Utah Allergy & Asthma Support Groups

Raising Our Celiac Kids, ROCK

Ogden (Salt Lake City), UT

Support group for celiac children. We welcome families of autistic spectrum kids involved in a gluten-free/casein-free dietary intervention program.

Specialty Coordinator:
Eileen Leatherow
E-Mail: e.leatherow@attbi.com

Utah Food Allergy Network (UFAN)

P.O. Box 521222
Salt Lake City, UT 84152

Phone: 801-949-0092

Provides a supportive and understanding environment to those affected by food allergy and to network together to educate ourselves and others while raising public awareness and advocating change. There are many chapters throughout UT.

Website: http://www.utahfoodallergy.org

E-Mail: support@utahfoodallergy.com

Meeting Dates: Contact for information

Meeting Location: Contact for information

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