Overseas Allergy & Asthma Support Groups

Alex Curtis Trust

P.O. Box 511
Harpenden (UK), AL5 9EG

Phone: 0845 652 1589

The trust works with school students and staff to provide information and support for allergies and asthma. It was created after the death of Alex Curtis from a sudden acute asthmatic attack at the age of 17. He suffered from food allergies and eczema as well.

Website: http://www.alexcurtistrust.org/index.html

E-Mail: enquiries@alexcurtistrust.org

Specialty Coordinator:
Peter Curtis
Phone: 0845 652 1589
E-Mail: peter.curtis@alexcurtistrust.org

Allergy New Zealand

PO Box 56 117
Dominion Road, Auckland.
New Zealand,

Phone: (09) 623 3912

The aim of Allergy New Zealand is to raise the awareness of allergies, to provide support and represent the interests of people living with allergies, especially children and their families.

Website: http://www.allergy.org.nz

E-Mail: membership@allergy.org.nz

Specialty Coordinator:
Inga S├╝nzner

Anaphylaxis Australia


Charitable, non-profit organization which supports and assists those effected by anaphylaxis.

Website: http://www.allergyfacts.org.au/

Anaphylaxis Campaign

Regional throughout U.K.,

Phone: 01252-542029

Website: http://www.anaphylaxis.org.uk

E-Mail: info@anaphylaxis.org.uk

Meeting Dates: Contact for information

Meeting Location: Contact for information

Specialty Coordinator:
Mandy East
Phone: 01252 373793
E-Mail: mandy@anaphylaxis.org.uk

Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy

Website: http://www.allergy.org.au/pospapers/anaphylaxis.htm

Food Allergy Singapore Support

Led by Dr. Lee Bee Wah at Mount Elizabeth, Dr. Wen Chin Chiang at KKH, Dr. Hugo van Bever at NUH, Dr. Lynette Shek at NUH, and Karen Wright, clinical dietician.

Website: http://www.foodallergysingapore.org

Meeting Dates: Contact for information

Meeting Location: Whatever Yoga Studio, Chinatown, Singapore

If your support group is not listed here, please let us know.