99.97% Pure Hepa Round Air Purifier


I have had 4 of these Honeywell Hepa filters in our house since my son was diagnosed with asthma in 2000. The company stands behind their product 100%. When I've had a problem with a filter, they've replaced it at no charge. I keep one in each bedroom. At night, the white noise keeps my children sleeping soundly, even if there is a lot of activity in the house.

Naptimes with my toddler are a breeze too, even if my older children have friends over, the room is quiet. It keeps the dust at bay and even cleaned our two-story foyer after we installed hardwood flooring. You could actually see the dust being sucked into the unit from the high ceilings. Since they are light and portable, you can move them around to rooms that need it. When we painted, we ran the filter to remove the chemicals from the air. Plus, the outer replaceable filters are just under $10 at Home Depot. We couldn't live without them.

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