Guide To Asthma

By Julien Lewis Allen, MD

Book Description

This is an extensive guide to Asthma written by 4 Children's Hospital Asthma doctors. The guide includes diagnosing asthma, the allergy-asthma connection, taking control of your asthma, medicines, and managing asthma emergencies. An excellent resource to help you manage your asthma symptoms.

Project Allergy Review

After my child spent two extended stays at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, I have the utmost respect for their doctors and respiratory technicians. If you are looking for a straightforward approach to learning about Asthma, this is a great book for you to start with. It discusses everything from symptoms to treatments, emergencies, and action plans. It is a good book to explain the basic treatments and what you can expect when you visit your children’s doctor for asthma.” – Janet, Project Allergy