Louder Than Words

By Jenny McCarthy

Book Description

An informative book on the complicated medical treatments for autistic children.

Project Allergy Review

I saw Jenny on the Ellen DeGeneris show a few weeks ago discussing her new book “Louder Than Words” and how her gluten and dairy –free diet had helped her son escape the world of Autism. Even though my children don’t have autism, I was intrigued by the results she’d gotten on the diet and I had to read this book.

It was sold out at our local bookstore, so I tracked it down at the library. As I read about her fight to keep her son Evan safe from seizures, high fevers, life-threatening rashes, and the pain she endured, I noticed dark smudges on the pages, tear stained pages from the many parents before me who had read this moving story.

Her theory is that the mercury in his MMR shot, causing a leaky gut syndrome and high concentration of yeast, weakened Evan’s immune system. Removing the yeast through a cleansing of drugs and removing dairy and gluten in his diet showed a huge improvement in his speech and social skills.

My own child’s poor days at school followed by notes from the teacher always cause me to wonder what he ate or was exposed to that made him angry, moody or out of control. We know that exposure to molds make him angry and exposure to animals make him asthmatic and itchy. Even when you tell the school that he is on 5 life saving medicines for asthma and he was up all night coughing, they still want to reprimand him for being ‘moody’ or ‘angry.’

So one has to wonder. Is it what our children’s allergies to food or their environment that is to blame for their behavior? If Jenny can cure Evan of his autism with the help of a diet change, imagine what it can do for other children not affected with autism?

If your child has allergies or autism, this book will help you find solutions and provide excellent resources. It is a testament to one woman’s quest for answers when no one would provide them. Like Jenny, we never stop asking questions and never stop looking for solutions. Trust your inner self if you think a drug is not working or a food is causing havoc with your child.