Why Can't My Child Behave?

By Jane Hersey

Book Description

This book describes how children with bad behavior can often be helped by changing their diet.  Even if you feed them healthy alternatives, if they are sensitive to artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives, or any type of salicylates, you may see a change in behavior, including the worst temper tantrums you've ever seen. Often times children diagnosed with ADD/ADHD can be helped tremendously with this program.

Book Review

This is a wonderful book written by someone who has dedicated her life to spreading the word about the Feingold Diet. I've read it myself several times, and it really helped me see the connection between what our children eat and their behavior.  The Feingold Program and the people associated with it are an inspiration to me, and they are the ones that started this journey for me through the maze of hidden allergies. 

My family owes them my son's life and our sanity!