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Project Allergy Welcomes Dr. Arthur Lubitz

With the use of social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, parents can connect with other parents and experts more than ever. In the past, if your child had an illness, especially one that is hard to diagnose or a rare side effect from a drug or allergy, it would take months or years to find answers. Now, if there is a question that you can not find an answer to, you check online. Sure, there is some misinformation, but on the flip side, there is a lot of good quality information as well.

Not only can you search with instant results, you can chat with doctors and other patients or parents. Support groups can reach out to one another. Pollen counts can be obtained before you step outside. Medicine warnings can be accessed through free sonline websites easily and with a click of the mouse or move of the fingertip. These are some of the reasons we created Project Allergy. We want everyone with even the most unusual allergy to be able to reach out to someone who is experiencing what they are going through and find answers.

To facilitate an open dialogue, we are pleased to announce the addition of Dr. Arthur Lubitz, renowned New York allergist and asthma specialist. Dr. Lubitz has been in the practice of allergy & immunology for 20 years, with multiple offices in Manhattan, New York City, and Long Island. Dr Lubitz is affiliated as a clinical instructor at NYU School of Medicine and Tisch Hospital, Senior Attending at Roosevelt Hospital, as well as Fellow of the American Academy of Allergy (FAAAAI).

Dr. Lubitz has been interviewed several times on CNN, CNBC, WCBS-TV, WOR, and on radio NYC-AM and Larry King. These forums help him to educate and inform the public about allergic disease.

Please join us in welcoming Dr. Lubitz to Project Allergy. He will be fielding questions online through his editorial column on pertinent and timely content.