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Nasal Irrigation

Tulsa World has an article about a new nasal irrigation system using Dead Sea salt rather than the typically used saline. A Tulsa doctor spent some time working with physicians in Russia where the question of the use of Dead Sea salt over saline first came up. Research has shown that Dead Sea salt has a unique chemical property which gives it an anti-inflammatory quality beyond that of standard saline. In tests it was found that this new nasal irrigation system using Dead Sea salt had superior results to saline.

Nasal irrigation is a technique often associated with Neti pots that involves the flushing of the sinuses with warm salt water. Studies have shown that this is effective for preventing sinusitis and reducing the impact of nasal allergies. The wash clears out irritants and provides helps reduce inflammation. While not a replacement for other treatments the method has shown that it is quite helpful. If you have been suffering from sinusitis or nasal allergies and would like to discuss various treatment options, contact our office to set up an appointment at 866-632-5537 or visit our website at