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Guidelines For Asthmatic Pregnant Women 

Women who are pregnant and have asthma do not necessarily have to worry about a complicated delivery if they follow some prudent and important steps as reported by the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine:

1) Avoid asthma triggers, including tobacco smoke, dust and other irritants; 2) a condition known as GERD–chronic digestive diseases that causes acid reflux–can worsen asthma. Avoid foods that trigger heartburn and wait three hours before lying down after eating; 3) continue your asthma treatment throughout pregnancy; 4) exercise in moderation; and 5) get a flu shot if you will be in your second or third trimester of pregnancy during the flu (fall-winter) season.

If you are on a current medication regimen for asthma, follow your course of treatment. However, the Mayo Clinic reports there is some question about using glucocorticoids, which could cause a condition in which the baby’s adrenal glands don’t produce enough of certain hormones immediately after birth (neonatal adrenal insufficiency). Consult your physician if you are on this treatment.

If you started taking allergy shots before pregnancy, you can continue the shots during this time. However, beginning a course of allergy shots during pregnancy is not recommended. Allergy shots can cause a dangerous allergic reaction known as anaphylaxis–especially early in the course of therapy.

For all questions relating to pregnancy and asthma and allergies, contact Dr. Arthur M. Lubitz, allergist/, tel.# 212-247-7447.