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Cost to Treat Children's Asthma Affecting Proper Care

Children are not receiving the proper asthma treatment and their parents are to blame, a recent study from the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) shows. The study, published in the Wall Street Journal, tries to give a reason for this alarming trend and says one reason could be the cost of medication. JAMA questioned whether out-of-pocket costs for medications influenced parents’ willingness to fill prescriptions for their children’s asthma.

Data from this study shows insurance claims for nearly 9,000 U.S. children between 1997 and 2007 and that an increase in out-of-pocket costs for daily asthma-control drugs was associated with slightly lower medication adherence (41.7% vs. 40.3%) and higher rates of hospitalizations (1.7 hospital visits power 100 kids vs. 2.4 visits) in children 5 - 8- 18 years old. These are statistically significant differences.

However, there is another larger issue says Anupam Jena, a study author who is a Harvard physician and senior fellow at USC’s Schaffer Center for health Policy and Economics. She states the people with asthma, like those with chronic conditions like high cholesterol or hypertension, don’t necessarily experience daily symptoms, says Jena. Thus, parents of kids with asthma may forget to fill the medication of think it isn’t vital.

Dr. Arthur Lubitiz, a New York City allergist/immunologist says that kids at risk for substandard asthma treatment cut across of ages, races and socioeconomic levels. And it is a challenge for the treating physician to convince people that though they may feel well, they have a serious disease that requires constant vigilance.

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